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Royal Spa is open after renovation at the Royal Apollonia Hotel 2023

Small piece of heaven at The Royal Apollonia Hotel


Why we are different from other Spa? Because we have a  Dead Sea Climatological Room


The healing power of the Dead Sea...

Nowadays the more people are withdrawn from nature by the scientific-technological development, the more they wish to get back to nature. People from every nation and every age are looking for unique places where they can find healing and peace. There is one place in Israel fulfilling their needs. Health seekers from all over the world are coming here looking for a cure for diseases and enhancement of their body and soul. The name of this wonderful place is the Dead Sea.

In 2001, the Israeli professor Dr. Leon Hovers and doctor L. Orenshtein created one of the greatest innovations of the beginning of the 21st century – the special climatic facility which completely replicates the climate of the Dead Sea. We call it a climatological room with the micro climate of the Dead Sea. The creation of the room is the result of long research, with the participation of doctors, biologists, engineers, toxicologists, architects and designers who aimed to recreate the unique atmosphere of the Dead Sea. The natural conditions of the room are beneficial for human health.

Today we are proud to introduce this innovation in Cyprus while the above facilities are already installed in Israel, Germany, Finland, France, Russia and Ukraine.


The climatological room provides:

- Warm midday beach effect;

- Effect of bathing in the Dead Sea;

- Wide range of aromatherapy;

- Music therapy;


The climatological room is safe (7 levels of protection). It is unique, protective, with no contra-indications and treats a wide range of  diseases:

1. Skin diseases – psoriasis and eczema, papilloma;

2. Nervous disorders, insomnia;

3. Chronic prostatitis, salpingitis, urethritis, cystitis, decrease of sexual potentiality, infertility;

4. Arthropathy;

5. Respiratory tract infections;

6. Full rejuvenation of your body;

7. Adenoid desease and chronic maxillary sinusitis;

8. Organism functional disorders.





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