Amazing Commercial and Residencial project on the seafront with a 40% ROI.

Rent of the Commercial Building along will bring a profit of approx 5.5 million per year+265.000 maintenance fee.

Designed by the London based and award-winning international architects Scott Brownrigg, The Tower will undeniably be one of the most

elegant commercial buildings in Cyprus.

The Tower is set to be one of the tallest buildings in Cyprus (height over 100m), located in one of the Business centres of Cyprus, on the southern coast of the island. It is the business and financial hub of Cyprus with a large number of local

and international companies surrounded by a further network of hotels, restaurants and other venues for entertainment and leisure.

The current planning permit offers:

14 floors of offices;

2 retails on the ground floor;

2 mezzanines 

274 parking spaces,143 of which will be available to the public . . . . .

Commercial building 6,500 Sq.m.

6 whole floor apartments Residential building 1,362 Sq.m.

Approved building coefficient 4,097 Sq.m.

Building coefficient will increase with an extra 3,766 Sq.m. .

Total building area 7,863 Sq.m.

The Tower will stand over 100m tall and due to its prime waterfront location, guarantees unobstructed breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The Tower’s faceted glass and crystalline geometry maximise its transparency from the outside and the sea views from within the office floors. The two Sky Gardens located on floors 7 and 17, give uninterrupted 360° degree views across the city. 

More info+ All documents (including revenues, profits etc.) will be provided by the owners upon receiving signed LOI with passport copy of a Buyer, NDA agreement, Proof of Funds covering the initial amount+SOF from the interested party. Please note we can provide you with LOI and NDA to fill in and sign, but POF must be provided by the Buyer Bank.  SOF from the Buyer will be required by the receiver Bank prior initial deposit paid.

For any enquiries regarding this Property please email


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