Luxury Hotels Magazines!
We are happy to announce Publishing of Luxury Hotels Magazines Europe in March-April 2022! Book your place now. We will publish only 20 most Luxury and most exquisite Hotels in Europe! Be one of them!
If you opening your Hotel door for tourists this year, you can create a Hotel Profile with the link to your website for Direct Bookings. We would highly recommend placing your Hotel Profile on the Luxury Hotels Magazines Platform if you want our clients to become yours: 1. Every minute Platform receiving 50-60 visitors 2. Every day between 8,000 to 9,500 visitors 3. Every week over 50,000 visitors 4. For the last week 27 April till 5 May 2021, the most popular countries' visitors are The USA, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and France. Interested? Get in touch with us by email or WhatsApp on +35799799399 and we will be happy to send you the latest Google analytic report to confirm the above numbers.
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