Luxury Hotels Magazines!
We are happy to announce Publishing of Luxury Hotels Magazines Europe in March-April 2022! Book your place now. We will publish only 20 most Luxury and most exquisite Hotels in Europe! Be one of them!

Welcome to a new, unique International Platform for Luxury Hotels and associated Businesses which do not take any commission from Sale!


MACS Marketing is a group of companies contain International platform for Luxury Hotels, Hotel App and Online agency.

In order to help Luxury Hotels and associated to Luxury clientele Businesses to stay up-float during the Covid-19 recession we delighted to offer the only Advertising that WORKS NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!

We bring wealthy customers of Luxury Hotels around the World to your door! Those wealthy clients who have not been affected by Covid-19 and continue travelling by Private-jets around the World.

Combining the method of Online Animated/Video Banners with Hyperlink to your website and the ever-growing power of Press Release to 86 countries and over 500,000’s Media sources, we offer best of both worlds, and deliver your message to the most wealthy clients of the World!

Join and receive exclusive access to millions of wealthy clients staying in 1000’s of most luxurious Hotels!

We provide our customers with:

Ø  Animated/Video Banner linked to your website  

Ø  Report with number of clicks  

Ø  No commission on sale

Ø  We use your Press Release to target as many Media sources as you want from the list of 86 countries  

Ø  Promote Hotel/Services through 500.000 Media sources

Ø  500,000 Platform views per month

Ø  17,000 Visits per day

Ø  1 million wealthy users  

Ø  and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. 


*Special offer valid till 10th August 2020.

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