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Myth about The Berengaria Hotel which sold for 2 million euro.


The Berengaria hotel spreads stupendously across the Troodos Mountains with great scenery of Prodromos village and surroundings in Cyprus, but it’s now a shadow of its lost glory. You would get some insights relating to why the hotel was left to rot, and the reasons it’s a tourist attraction even with the stories and myths that besiege the building.


The hotel was established many years ago in 1931, and it played host to the high and mighty including royalties and other upper class individuals, by providing excellent entertainment services for the crème de ’la crème. However, the hotel was shut down in 1984 after 53 years of operation.


Although the hotel stood the test of time for over five decades, its present state is a sorry sight to behold as the once grand edifice lies waste and depreciated due to environmental factors. Berengaria Hotel is a tourist attraction no doubt but quite unsafe especially for people who aren’t familiar with the terrain. Local residents are inquisitive to know more about the hotel that served several reputable guests and see things for themselves first-hand; tourists also wish to get a glimpse of the magnificent building.


The hotel has a reputation that precedes it as a haunted house and the myth has spread down family lines. Several stories about ghosts can be traced to the hotel all with a similar trait of the victims being killed there, and as such their ghosts lurk around the building seeking for vengeance.


Interesting facts about Berengaria Hotel

The hotel got its name in honor of Queen Berengaria of Navarre, wife of King Richard1 of England. With such a colorful history that attracted diverse people from all walks of life, it’s difficult to keep people away.

The present owner of the hotel ‘Michalis Ioannides’, is worried about safety especially for children since he stated that some parts of the building are dangerous. Precautionary measures were put in place to forestall any unfortunate incidence but some visitors do not regard such warning signs.

Do you wonder why a magnificent highly rated hotel came to a grinding halt? Well, it’s quite a mess. According to the story making the rounds, the owner of the Berengaria Hotel had three sons who inherited the property from their father. However, greed, and jealousy led to financial issues which tore them apart and it subsequently affected the business. None of the sons made good effort to ensure maintenance and proper management, so the hotel gradually went downhill.


It’s not certain if the Berengaria hotel will rise again from its troubled past, but the locals in Prodromos village really miss the music from the dancing hall and other activities that made it a prestigious hotel in Cyprus.

So, Berengaria Hotel is regarded as a tourist attraction by many due to its rich and conflicting history, and people desire to walk in the same halls and climb up the stairs where eminent royalties once stood.

The hotel, which shut down in 1984, had been in the hands of market investor Gordian Holdings which acquired it along with other distressed loans from the Bank of Cyprus in June 2019.

The property is situated on a plot of 26,520 square metres with the main building covering an area of 4,980 square metres.

It consists of 80 rooms in two wings while there is also a guest house, a restaurant, and a swimming pool.

It was the creation of British architect Walter Henry Clarke who designed it for the Ioannis Kokkalos family.

And now reports suggest the iconic Berengaria hotel on the Troodos mountain has been sold for €2m.


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