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About us

Luxury Hotels Magazines and Online Luxury Platform is the world’s pre-eminent luxury publication and media.

Luxury Hotels Magazines and Luxury Platform comprises a legacy print edition renowned for its Branded aesthetic and authority.

Luxury Hotels Magazines distributed:

123 Million
Over 800
Most Luxury Hotels Worldwide
123 Million
VIP database
123 Million
Luxury yachts
123 Million
86 countries
123 Million
30 million
reader of 8 Social Networks
123 Million
½ million
Press Release to Media-TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Bloggers and Journalists
123 Million
Over 1000
Luxury Partners

Our contributors are themselves key global stakeholders in the ecosystems we cover in our content, events and advisory, from art and culture to philanthropy and biodiversity. Our always-updated content is focussed on engagement with some of the world’s most Luxury Hotels, notable stories, brands, organisations and individuals, largely around the themes of art, culture, philanthropy and collecting and appreciating.

We have a members-only global online database of highly significant reach and quality. We create events, online and in the real world, and content for partners, of unparalleled richness, originality and engagement. Our storytelling is paramount, and while it is much imitated, sometimes brazenly, it is also unique.

We are proud of our Responsible Culture tagline and for our print edition to be one of the first magazines to be carbon neutral. This is our ecosystem.

We create client content events around sustainability, retail, real estate, collecting, culture and biodiversity for global banks and wealth managers. We create content, culture and sustainability strategies and content for major consumer luxury brands and their owning families and philanthropic foundations