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Chateau Eza

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Nestled atop a picturesque hillside, Chateau Eza stands as a timeless retreat, offering a harmonious blend of history, luxury, and breathtaking views. Located in the charming village of Eze, this enchanting hotel transports guests to a bygone era while providing a luxurious haven for a memorable stay on the French Riviera.


Chateau Eza is a historic gem that exudes elegance and charm. This boutique hotel is perched on a cliffside, overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Situated in the enchanting village of Eze, the hotel offers panoramic views of the Côte d'Azur coastline, the dramatic cliffs, and the charming streets of this medieval village. Its location provides guests with a tranquil escape while being within easy reach of nearby towns such as Nice and Monaco.

Rooms & Suites

Chateau Eza offers a limited number of meticulously designed rooms and suites, each boasting a unique character and charm. The hotel features a selection of beautifully appointed accommodations, including cozy rooms with village or sea views, spacious suites with separate living areas, and even a private cottage with its own terrace. The rooms are thoughtfully furnished with luxurious amenities, combining modern comforts with the historic ambiance of the chateau.

Restaurants & Bars

Chateau Eza boasts a renowned gastronomic restaurant that captivates the senses. The Michelin-starred dining establishment offers an exquisite culinary experience, showcasing the flavors of Provence with a contemporary twist. Guests can savor gourmet dishes created using the finest seasonal ingredients, all while enjoying panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel also features a cozy bar where visitors can unwind with a selection of fine wines, cocktails, and spirits.

Spa & Wellness

While Chateau Eza does not have a dedicated spa facility, it offers in-room spa treatments upon request. Guests can indulge in a range of rejuvenating treatments, including massages, facials, and body therapies, all from the comfort and privacy of their own rooms. Skilled therapists provide personalized care, ensuring a blissful and relaxing experience.

Other Facilities

Chateau Eza does not have direct beach access due to its hilltop location. However, the hotel can arrange transportation to nearby beaches for guests who wish to bask in the sun and enjoy the coastal waters. Additionally, the hotel offers other facilities such as a terrace with breathtaking views, a lounge area with a fireplace, and a boutique showcasing local crafts and products.

Additional information

Chateau Eza offers an unforgettable experience, combining history, luxury, and breathtaking vistas on the French Riviera. With its intimate accommodations, exceptional dining options, personalized in-room spa treatments, and its privileged location in the enchanting village of Eze, the hotel provides a truly unique and memorable stay. A visit to Chateau Eza promises to transport guests to a world of elegance and serenity, leaving them with cherished memories of an extraordinary escape in the heart of the Côte d'Azur.


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