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Les Sources de Caudalie

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Nestled amidst the enchanting vineyards of Bordeaux, Les Sources de Caudalie is an exquisite retreat that offers a unique blend of luxury, nature, and indulgence. This charming hotel and spa celebrates the art of fine living, captivating guests with its idyllic setting, exceptional accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and rejuvenating spa experiences.


Les Sources de Caudalie is located in the picturesque countryside of Bordeaux, France, surrounded by lush vineyards and scenic landscapes. The hotel takes inspiration from the region's winemaking heritage, with architecture that reflects the traditional charm of a French country estate. This idyllic location offers a peaceful escape, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while still being within easy reach of Bordeaux city center.

Rooms & Suites

The hotel boasts a collection of [insert number] elegantly designed rooms and suites, each offering a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort. Guests can choose from a range of accommodations, including stylish rooms overlooking the vineyards, spacious suites with private terraces, and charming cottages nestled amidst the gardens. The rooms feature contemporary furnishings, modern amenities, and panoramic views that provide a tranquil retreat.

Restaurants & Bars

Les Sources de Caudalie is renowned for its exceptional gastronomy, showcasing the best of regional cuisine and wines. The hotel is home to [insert number] restaurants, each offering a distinctive dining experience. The main restaurant presents gourmet dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients, expertly paired with exquisite wines. The bistro-style restaurant provides a more relaxed atmosphere, serving delicious seasonal dishes. Guests can also enjoy a selection of fine wines and cocktails at the hotel's elegant bar.

Spa & Wellness

The spa at Les Sources de Caudalie is a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Inspired by the healing properties of grapes and vineyards, the spa offers a range of unique treatments and therapies. Guests can indulge in vinotherapy treatments, such as grape-based scrubs, wraps, and baths, which harness the antioxidant powers of grapes to nourish and revitalize the skin. The spa also offers traditional massages, facials, and holistic therapies, all delivered by skilled therapists in a serene and tranquil environment.

Other Facilities

While Les Sources de Caudalie does not have a beach, it offers a variety of other facilities that contribute to a truly immersive experience. Guests can enjoy strolling through the hotel's vineyards, taking in the serene beauty of the surroundings. The outdoor swimming pool provides a refreshing oasis during the warmer months, and the fitness center is equipped for those looking to stay active during their stay. Additionally, the hotel offers wine tastings, cooking classes, and bike rentals, allowing guests to explore the region's vineyards and countryside.

Additional information

Les Sources de Caudalie is a captivating haven where luxury, nature, and wellness converge. With its breathtaking location amidst the vineyards of Bordeaux, luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining options, indulgent spa treatments, and a range of additional facilities, this hotel promises an unforgettable experience. Whether seeking relaxation, gastronomic delights, or wine-centric activities, Les Sources de Caudalie invites guests to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of the Bordeaux region while enjoying the finest comforts of French hospitality.


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  • Number of room:61
  • Restaurant:3
  • Outdoor swimming pool:1
  • Bars:1
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Concierge service
  • Tennis
  • Room service
  • Pet Friendly
  • Camp Hyatt
  • Business Services
  • Laundry

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Valid from 01-01-2023 to 31-12-2023

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