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Atlantica Aeneas Hotel

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When it comes to experiencing sheer luxury and lavishness, few places can match the allure of the Luxury Hotels in Cyprus. Among these gems, the Atlantica Aeneas Hotel stands as a pinnacle of opulence, offering an unforgettable retreat for those seeking an exquisite holiday experience. Nestled in the heart of the captivating island of Cyprus, this remarkable establishment promises an unparalleled blend of comfort, elegance, and impeccable service.


The Atlantica Aeneas Hotel proudly takes its place as one of the most prestigious Luxury Hotels in Cyprus. Situated on the captivating island's golden shores, this luxurious haven is a masterpiece of modern architecture, reflecting both the island's rich history and contemporary charm. Its prime location allows guests to bask in the Mediterranean sun while being within easy reach of the island's cultural and natural wonders.

Rooms & Suites

Offering a harmonious blend of sophistication and comfort, the Atlantica Aeneas Hotel boasts a range of accommodations that cater to diverse preferences. The hotel features an array of exquisitely designed rooms and suites, each thoughtfully appointed with lavish amenities and adorned with elegant furnishings. For those who seek ultimate seclusion and space, the hotel also offers luxurious villas, each a private sanctuary where guests can unwind in opulent splendor.

Restaurants & Bars

The culinary journey at the Atlantica Aeneas Hotel is a symphony of flavors that tantalizes the senses. Among the Luxury Hotels in Cyprus, this establishment stands out with its exceptional dining options. Guests can savor delectable gastronomic delights from around the world at the hotel's multiple restaurants. Whether indulging in Mediterranean specialties, international cuisine, or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner, every culinary experience here is an exploration of taste and refinement. The bars within the hotel offer a wide range of premium beverages, allowing guests to unwind and relish the moment.

Spa & Wellness

At the heart of this haven of luxury lies a world-class spa that promises rejuvenation and tranquility. The spa at Atlantica Aeneas Hotel is a sanctuary where guests can escape the cares of the world and immerse themselves in pure bliss. Offering an array of holistic treatments and therapies, the spa caters to the well-being of both the body and the soul. From soothing massages to revitalizing facials, each treatment is meticulously designed to provide a sense of renewal and relaxation, making it an essential component of the Luxury Hotels in Cyprus experience.

Other Facilities

One of the most enticing features of the Atlantica Aeneas Hotel is its pristine private beach, where guests can bask in the sun's embrace and unwind against the backdrop of the azure sea. This secluded oasis offers a tranquil escape from the bustling world, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the soothing rhythm of the waves. The hotel also offers a range of facilities to cater to various interests, including swimming pools, fitness centers, and recreational activities, ensuring that every moment is imbued with delight.

Additional information

The Atlantica Aeneas Hotel is a testament to the grandeur and sophistication that epitomize Luxury Hotels in Cyprus. From its lavish accommodations and exquisite dining to its rejuvenating spa and idyllic beach, this establishment offers an all-encompassing experience of opulence and indulgence. For those in search of an unparalleled retreat that combines comfort, elegance, and impeccable service, the Atlantica Aeneas Hotel stands as an irresistible choice, promising memories that will linger long after the vacation has ended.


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  • Number of room:129
  • Restaurant:2
  • Outdoor swimming pool:1
  • Bars:1
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Private Beach
  • Concierge service
  • Sport classes
  • Room service
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Beach access
  • All-inclusive available
  • Parking Free