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Hotel Astoria

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When it comes to indulgence and sophistication, Luxury Hotels in Russia stand tall in the realm of hospitality. Among these gems, Hotel Astoria shines as a beacon of lavishness and elegance, nestled in the heart of Russia. This iconic establishment redefines opulence, offering an unparalleled experience to its guests, where every detail speaks of luxury.


Tucked away in the mesmerizing landscapes of Russia, Luxury Hotel Astoria stands as a testament to grandeur. Its prime location in this historic country not only provides easy access to local attractions but also boasts breathtaking views that greet guests at every corner. This hotel is more than just a place to stay; it's a journey into refined living.

Rooms & Suites

Hotel Astoria boasts a splendid array of rooms and villas, each meticulously designed to pamper guests with the epitome of comfort. With a range of options catering to diverse preferences, from elegant suites to lavish villas, the hotel offers a sanctuary of tranquility and splendor. Every room is a testament to luxury, enveloping guests in an atmosphere of sophistication that defines Luxury Hotels in Russia.

Restaurants & Bars

Culinary delights are a cornerstone of the luxury experience at Hotel Astoria. The hotel features a selection of restaurants and bars that tantalize the taste buds and elevate dining to an art form. From delectable local cuisine to international flavors, guests can embark on a gastronomic journey that echoes the diverse charm of Russia. The bars, on the other hand, offer crafted cocktails and fine wines, ensuring that every sip is an indulgence in itself.

Spa & Wellness

The pursuit of relaxation and rejuvenation finds its perfect haven at the Spa and Wellness center within Hotel Astoria. Amidst the realm of opulent luxury, guests can immerse themselves in a range of treatments that cater to both body and soul. Expert therapists curate bespoke experiences, from massages that melt away stress to wellness rituals that restore inner balance. It's a sanctuary within a sanctuary, offering a slice of heaven to weary souls.

Other Facilities

Hotel Astoria doesn't just stop at luxurious accommodations and exquisite dining experiences. For those who seek sun-kissed shores, the hotel offers access to a pristine beach that mirrors the extravagance of the entire establishment. Whether it's a leisurely swim in azure waters or a relaxing sunbathing session, guests can revel in the lap of luxury by the sea. Additionally, a plethora of other facilities, including state-of-the-art fitness centers and exclusive boutiques, further enrich the stay.

Additional information

As the sun sets over the lavish corridors of Hotel Astoria, it's clear that this establishment stands as a testament to opulence and refinement. Among the constellation of Luxury Hotels in Russia, this gem shines brighter, offering an unparalleled experience that marries the charm of the country with the epitome of luxury. For those seeking a truly exceptional retreat, Hotel Astoria is the definitive address.


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  • Number of room:169
  • Restaurant:3
  • Outdoor swimming pool:1
  • Bars:1
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Private Beach
  • Water Sports
  • Room service
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Wi-Fi Free
  • Breakfast Free
  • Parking Free