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Casale Panayiotis Hotel and Spa

It was not my intention to start a business; it was to revive a village.

John Papadouris spent decades working abroad only to return to his disappearing and neglected village in Cyprus. After raising funds and investing his own money, he driving a restoration project to preserve a culture and connection with the past in his mountain village, Kalopanayiotis.


The ancient spa village of Kalopanayiotis has for centuries attracted pilgrims, but in more recent history was a community built around agriculture, the land and cottage industries. However, the 20th century experienced a drain as people left their villages to find work in cities and abroad.


Now with 41 guest rooms in 7 houses across the village, as well as caf and restaurants, villagers have been inspired to invest in their own community, restoring their homes and opening small businesses, preserving our mountain culture and way of life.


We have many projects on the horizon  all related to reinstating the simple way of life and connection to the land that was lost during difficult times. Plans are in progress to re-establish vineyards that once covered the surrounding mountainsides, and to preserve orchards and historic buildings.

Stay at Casale Panayiotis

The village of Kalopanayiotis welcomes you to enjoy the mountains and immerse yourself in daily village life. Wander the trails, relax in the spa, discover local food and drink, meet the people and live their culture.

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