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The Luang Say Residence

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When it comes to experiencing opulence in a serene and culturally rich setting, few places rival the allure of The Luang Say Residence, a gem among luxury hotels in Laos. Nestled amidst the lush landscapes and captivating culture of this Southeast Asian gem, The Luang Say Residence stands as a testament to exquisite hospitality, offering a haven of relaxation and indulgence.


Situated in the heart of Laos, The Luang Say Residence embodies the spirit of this enchanting country. This prestigious luxury hotel is a seamless blend of colonial charm and contemporary elegance, creating an ambiance that evokes both a sense of history and modern luxury. Its prime location in Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage site, ensures that guests are treated to a unique cultural experience, surrounded by ancient temples, traditional markets, and breathtaking scenery.

Rooms & Suites

The Luang Say Residence boasts a remarkable array of accommodations, ranging from well-appointed rooms to luxurious private villas. Each living space is meticulously designed to exude comfort and sophistication. Guests can choose from elegantly furnished rooms that offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, or opt for the ultimate indulgence by staying in one of the exclusive private villas. With a total of 32 rooms and villas, the hotel ensures an intimate and personalized stay for each guest.

Restaurants & Bars

Culinary excellence takes center stage at The Luang Say Residence, where guests are treated to a gastronomic journey that celebrates the flavors of Laos and beyond. The hotel features a range of dining options, including its signature restaurant that specializes in traditional Laotian cuisine infused with modern twists. For those seeking international flavors, the hotel offers a diverse menu that caters to various palates. Additionally, the well-stocked bar provides a sophisticated setting to unwind and savor handcrafted cocktails.

Spa & Wellness

Indulgence knows no bounds at The Luang Say Residence's spa and wellness center. Guests are invited to rejuvenate their senses through a variety of holistic treatments inspired by traditional Laotian healing practices. The skilled therapists ensure a bespoke experience, catering to individual preferences and needs. From soothing massages to revitalizing facials, the spa offers a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness that complements the luxurious stay at the hotel.

Other Facilities

While The Luang Say Residence is not situated on a beachfront, it offers an array of facilities that guarantee a memorable stay. Guests can take a refreshing dip in the hotel's stunning pool, surrounded by lush gardens that provide an oasis of serenity. For those seeking to explore the surroundings, the hotel can arrange guided tours and excursions, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and natural beauty of Laos.

Additional information

For discerning travelers in search of unparalleled luxury hotels in Laos, The Luang Say Residence stands as an epitome of elegance and refinement. Its idyllic setting, lavish accommodations, exquisite dining, rejuvenating spa experiences, and thoughtful facilities make it a haven for relaxation and exploration. Amidst the captivating landscapes and cultural wonders of Laos, this luxury retreat beckons travelers to embark on a journey of opulence and tranquility that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on their hearts and souls.


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  • Outdoor swimming pool:1
  • Bars:1
  • Spa
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