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Hotel Nacional de Cuba

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In the heart of the enchanting island nation of Cuba lies a gem that embodies opulence, history, and unmatched hospitality – the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba. This prestigious establishment stands as a testament to the fusion of elegance and culture, offering an exquisite experience that defines the very essence of luxury hotels in Cuba.


Nestled in the vibrant city of Havana, the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba graces the Malecón, overlooking the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Its iconic architecture marries neoclassical charm with a touch of Art Deco sophistication. As one of the most distinguished luxury hotels in Cuba, it has been a witness to significant historical events and has hosted illustrious personalities from around the globe.

Rooms & Suites

Step into a world of refined indulgence as you enter the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba, boasting a collection of exquisitely designed rooms and suites. The hotel offers a variety of accommodation options, including lavish guest rooms with breathtaking views of the sea or lush gardens, as well as opulent suites that redefine luxury. Each room is a harmonious blend of classic décor and modern amenities, providing guests with a haven of comfort and style.

Restaurants & Bars

Culinary enthusiasts and connoisseurs of taste will find themselves in paradise at the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba. The hotel proudly boasts a range of dining establishments that reflect the richness of Cuban and international cuisines. Indulge in gourmet delights at the elegant main restaurant, savor tantalizing seafood by the water's edge, or unwind with a classic cocktail at the vintage bar – each experience a symphony of flavors and ambience that truly defines luxury hotels in Cuba.

Spa & Wellness

For those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba presents a haven of wellness amidst its grandeur. The hotel's spa is a sanctuary of serenity, offering an array of treatments that draw inspiration from both ancient traditions and modern techniques. From revitalizing massages to holistic therapies, guests are pampered with care and expertise, leaving them refreshed and invigorated.

Other Facilities

Embracing its prime location along the Malecón, the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba extends its lavish offerings beyond its walls. A private beach area invites guests to bask in the sun and embrace the soothing sea breeze. For those with an affinity for fitness and recreation, the hotel provides state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring a comprehensive experience for every guest. The dedication to perfection sets this luxury hotel apart from others in Cuba, as it continually exceeds expectations in providing an unparalleled level of service.

Additional information

In the realm of luxury hotels in Cuba, the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba stands as an emblem of grace, sophistication, and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. Its rich history, impeccable accommodations, exceptional dining options, rejuvenating wellness experiences, and picturesque beach setting culminate to create an enchanting escape like no other. When the desire is for an exquisite stay that epitomizes the essence of luxury, discerning travelers need not look further than the grandeur of the Luxury Hotel Hotel Nacional de Cuba.


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  • Number of room:426
  • Restaurant:3
  • Outdoor swimming pool:1
  • Bars:6
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Private Beach
  • Water Sports
  • Sun beds
  • Beach Cabanas
  • Room service
  • Sports
  • Wi-Fi Free
  • Breakfast Free
  • Air conditioning