Villa Sands is a beautiful boutique hotel located on the western beach of Mozambique Island

Enjoy fresh seafood prepared in a variety of ways: newly caught langouste lobsters, prawns and fish. We are trying to maintain a small fixed menu and to serve food that is prepared from the produce that arrives fresh at the hotel daily. If you're not hungry, why not enjoy a drink at the sunset terrace bar in front of the ocean. Enjoy the freedom of the ocean by taking trips with the hotel's boat. Visit nearby islands with its white coral beaches, or swim in the crystal clear waters of the mangroves. You can also take trips with Ilha Blue Island Safaris, who offer boat trips, kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching, bicycle tours etc. In 1991 all of Ilha de Moçambique was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Island has a unique character and atmosphere, a mix of African, Arab and European cultures. Walking the Island you will find different monuments, mosques, churches and a Hindu temple.

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