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Luxury Hotels is a globally recognized brand that offers an online platform for luxury hotels as well as printed magazines. The magazines are distributed in 40 luxury hotels in the publishing country, and each edition has 100,000 high-quality printed copies. The magazines also contain QR codes on hotels and all advertisers' pages, making it convenient for readers.

With headquarters in England and 7 offices around the World Luxury Hotels Magazines provide encompassing luxury lifestyle guide full of illuminated and fascinating articles and the latest news published by our clients and features the most interesting topics for the lovers of Luxury such as Luxury Hotels, Super Cars, Mega Yachts for Sale & Charter, Luxury Boutiques & Exclusive Jewellery, Best Restaurants & Bars, Most Luxury Properties, Exotic Spas & Luxurious cosmetic products.

Luxury Hotels take you on a journey to exotic destinations and discover the World of Luxury!