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Cyprus Real estate market and what should you know about it before considering an investment?

Why you should consider to invest into Cyprus Real estate market?

And what are the benefits of it?


The Cyprus real estate market is the driving force behind its thriving economy; with a broad scope of investment opportunities ranging from luxury properties, to seafront properties, to any type of Cyprus property for sale. If you want to invest in Cyprus, Cyprus homes are a sure win. Cyprus property developer and real estate agent, First Class Homes, is a licenced agency which can tangibly claim to head up this trend.

With headquarter in Limassol, First Class Homes are the experts on property in Cyprus, and in particular, Limassol real estate. We do not consider ourselves to be competitors; but rather, we are the competition. We are the largest agency, and many International agents seeking to co-operate with us when looking for the perfect property for their clients.

If you want to live in Europe and are looking for permanent residency in Europe options, Cyprus has become particularly sought after as a relocation destination because of offering unlimited residency to non-European buyers of property over 300K euro. First Class Homes has the largest range of properties which fulfil this condition to the Cyprus permanent residency seeker. They could guide you through the entire process smoothly and seamlessly.

The Cypriot permanent residency program has become so popular amongst non-EU global travellers because of the particular benefits of Residency in Cyprus:

-  A real “place in the sun”, with 330 days of sunshine a year.

-  Sought- after “blue beaches”, and scenic mountain scapes. The population of Cyprus swell beyond its native one million to 4 to 5 million tourists every year.

-  An ideal family destination with the lowest crime rate in Europe. 

Food and energy bills are very low thanks to the fact that Cyprus enjoys almost complete autonomy in these areas, with a huge turnover of local food production, green energy programs, as well as local gas supplies. Not only is all hot water produced by solar panels, but the almost non-existent winter means that heating costs are not an ongoing expense. Not only there is an excellent economic infrastructure, but the island boasts high-grade Oxford and Cambridge primary and higher education facilities.

- The situation is also ideal for relocation for business purposes - First Class Homes boasts over 20 000 properties for every type of needs on its books. If your interest is to invest in property, First Class Homes can, with absolute confidence, claim to be one of the best stop-over points.

Because of high property rentals and ongoing demand from the overflow of tourists, the ROI on investment property is consistently high – sometimes reaching 8% annually.

Luxury real estate is the specific expertise of First Class Homes, which are the go-between for these types of investments interests all over the world. Our expertise is so well-recognised amongst international wealth companies that groups of wealth investors from all over the globe consult with us when considering luxury real estate buying or rental decisions.


Watch First class Homes Presentation video for better understanding of all benefits described above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO2Q_YdRzaE

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E. info@1stclass-homes.com

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