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Guess what? Big names-the biggest con and liars they become!

We content a Marketing and research survey and realised that during last couple of years paypal receive 10% of excellent feedback, 2% of great, 2% average, 2 % poor and 84% of BAD! And here we will give you a few sample collected today 4 February 2021!


Ryan Taylor 4 February 2021

PayPal are thieves and liars

Paypal is an absolute joke of a company. Manage a small business for the past 5 years and used them. Yesterday they asked for some documents which I submitted right away and then this morning they permanently suspended my account and holding in excess of 3k in funds from sales from the past few days.

Thank goodness that eBay is about to manage payments for us as PayPal have got too big to care about any of their customers, no matter the length of time you've been loyal to them.

Never too big to fail!!!


Tanya Burgwin 4 February 2021

Paypal robbed my Bank Yesterday morning directly from my account covering up by Direct Debit documentation which I never submitted!!!! Nor I ever give to paypal any permission to take any money from my Bank!!! Con company and big-headed disgusting and deceiving liars members. But it will only last till they are working there. As soon as they leave the company, these people will become victims of paypal as well. They are just not clever enough to think about it yet!

They didnt even have decency to answer to any of my messages. After 50th attends they finally decided to answer in defensive way and tried to cover up their crime and daytime robbery telling me that I have to wait at least 10 day for refund and then request for my money to be transferred back to my Bank account. And who is going to pay for this mistake in the first place, for my emotional distress and waste of my time and what about the interest rates that I suppose to occur whilst waiting for my money to be refunded?

Not enough to spit on CEO faces of this company! They all need to be arrested and put to trial! They jeopardize safest way for millions of people to deal Online.

Deborah Gonzalez Knight 4 February 2021


I would give no stars if It were an…

I would give no stars if It were an option. I want to verify my card. It is impossible. so far pay pal has charged my account 3 times for a code number to verify my card. I get the code, but the website sends me round in circles. No way to put it in. So, I sent a screenshot of my account, which I did not want to do. Still, the card remains blocked. It is impossible to send an email or contact customer service as the questions are all automated. If my card is not resolved by the end of this week, I am closing my account and going elsewhere. You have to wait for hours on the phone and get nowhere. I hate this company. There is no resolution centre really, as the listed issues are so limited. Awful awful website and customer service is zilch.



Lucas Carter 4 February 2021

I hope you paypal dix all get covid


Cat 4 February 2021

So so so so bad

So so so so bad. I lost so much money to PayPal in last couple of years. I don’t use this bank account as a primary one I use it for buying and selling. At one stage I had minus €0.15 in my PayPal account and didn’t even notice, I got charged over €100 from my real bank account that was linked to my PayPal where the called it ‘unpaid fee’. Just because of minus 15 cent without any clear warning. I also got charged €30 in PayPal fees to convert pound to euro, and I was told they have their own conversion rate which is 50% higher than the normal conversion rate. Such a bad service I’m definitely getting rid of it


Philip Masden 4 February 2021

Bad for retailers

If you're a retailer don't bother using them. Was with them for 10 years, the first fraudster that came my way they sided with, despite mountains of evidence.
They don't give you a way of communicating with them. They make a decision and then block of all replies.
Bunch of cowardly...
Case now with the ombudsman.


Boris 4 February 2021


Zero support, very bad service since 2021

We are a regular Business User of Paypal for many years. It was a very good service in the past, however, now when their competition increases (REVOLUT, etc.), Paypal services quality are decreasing rapidly.

This is very non-sensical since this is the time when they should have up their game - too bad for Paypal.

They have NON-EXISTENT support even for regular business clients. This month, we are not able to PAY our regular vendors in several countries and in the same time there NOBODY to call or chat. ZERO support. This is blocking our payments to our vendors and damaging our business name.

For this reason, we are done with Paypal.

Good luck.


Branislav 4 February 2021


Useless support

Had to call 3 different country's to have one simple phone number changed, which at the end i didnt have changed and i was told i need to create new account and ask for my funds to be transferred that i had on my old account. Support is pretty much useless and i dont know why this site even gives this option.

Sarfaroze Khan 4 February 2021


Let this mafia and its head go to mars…


Annette Parry 4 February 2021


Paypal is a joke does not help people…

Paypal is a joke does not help people at all Im still waiting for a dispute to be solved i ordered bumper cars for my grandkids at bargain price £50 to good to be true I know buy 3 get 4th free and hey ho was under a paypal name to get in touch with the people was like paypal@mijistores or something like that I tried emailing them and yet again no such email been conned true and proper I had to use my husband’s card because they refused my card what a joke bad bad bad will close it down when I get my money back

Pierre Araman 4 February 2021

I wish I could give zero stars

I wish I could give zero stars. Paypal has been a complete joke to deal with, from start to finish. My business partner sent me working capital for our business, and Paypal has refused to release it neither back to him, nor to me. They are holding significant funds (into the 10's of 1000's), and have done nothing to rectify the situation. It has dragged on for months and still they are not addressing the situation. Each time I speak to their "support", they have no idea either about the situation or how to solve it. I have issued refunds in the hope of getting money back to my partner, which they cancel. And still they block my ability to withdraw. So that money, which we need for our business, is just sitting in Paypal's account and they refuse to either release it or refund it. AVOID USING PAYPAL


Sergii Popovych 4 February 2021

1. You won't see your money because they will put them on hold for 21 days. PayPal doesn't tell you this, but they will put your money on hold JUST because your account is NEW. Period. The same goes if you to send money to someone who just opened the account.
2. NO PHONE or email support (temp or not idk but they won't let you chat with a person). NO way to get support.
3. Technical issues! You won't be able to transfer your money, link your accounts, or even create an invoice. I've experienced a few issues and they never been fixed. Good luck dealing with them on your own. A simple task like create an invoice is IMPOSSIBLE here.




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