VIP Tour Travel Agency Business In Limassol For Sale

Asking Price: €180,000

We are selling one of the profitable Tour, Ground Travel Agency Business in Cyprus with Sharing Licence working and serving VIP clientele only. (Cost of the licence along around 35,000-55,000 euro)

We have been established for the last 6.5 years on the market and developed a vast list of wealthy clientele who repeatably coming to Cyprus year after year where the majority of these clients arriving by Private plane or a Business class fare.
It's a high demand Business and you always will have VIP clients who travel here to buy Houses in order to receive European residency or buy Businesses for the same purposes and we, as a company, always happy to help as its the most profitable business you can imagine.
The majority of clients coming from the Middle East, Israel and Russia including the ex-Soviet Union, European, Lebanese and English.
The wealthy clients intent to book only 5* Hotel for their stay, go around the Island on the Private Tour, charter the yachts, helicopters and private planes or even trying for Pilot lessons. Many newcomers looking to purchase a property in Cyprus and therefore we have many Contracts with the local Property Developers who pay us commission for each property sold to our clients. (5 to 12%)
Some of them use Casino specifically, there is a BIG interest from the Middle East wealthy customers when there is a law restriction which prohibited gambling everywhere in the Middle East including Online. Therefore, we are offering 2 kinds of packages for sale.

Option 1. Cost 250,000 (With Cyprus Casino contacts)

The casino will be paying to your company between 7-10% from the amount spent by your clients on the casino premises.
The average amount spent is in between 10,000 to 50,000 euro per customer.

a) 10 clients x 10.000 euro each=100.000. Your minimum commission from this amount will be 10.000 per month.
b) 10 clients x 50.000 euro each= 500.000. Your minimum commission would be 50.000 per month.
Think no more, this is All year around Business!!!

Option 2. Cost 180,000 (Just VIP Tour Goodwill Business-Without Cyprus Casino contacts)

What is included in the price?
Ø Goodwill Business with well knowing 4VIPTour Brand name and Logos
Ø A top-rated website with top ranking on Google and with over 100 keywords optimisation in English on Google and the Russian language on You can easily operate Online with individuals tourist
Ø Website with LiveChat
Ø Contacts with several Tour Operators (250) from over 10 countries (agreement must be renewed annually)
Ø List of over 40 local Cypriot companies who advertise their Business on our website: Developers, Estate agents, Boutiques, Restaurant, Legal and Finance companies, Spa, Hospitals and Salons. We are charging each Business 500-700 euro per year
Ø Tour company page on TripAdvisor
Ø Social Networks: FB
Ø Sharing Tour Operator licence in place with attributed listed on our website. You may have to obtain a new licence under your name for an additional fee if we do not come to an agreement. (New licence cost approx. 35,000 to 55.000) Considering this fee is saving for you hence you can operate under Sharing licence.
Ø Freelancer Driver with Minibus and car available at any time (paid separately)
Ø Contacts with local Private plane, helicopter and yachts companies (renew annually)
Ø Contacts with several Hotels in Cyprus (renew annually)                                                                                                               Ø Contacts with several Properties Developer in Cyprus (renew annually)
Ø The package includes (should you choose to opt for this Business), my consultative help, support and direction for an agreed period of 1-2 months during which we will introduce you to all Contacts and re-establish Contracts according to your needs. Plus teach you how to update a website, TripAdvisor and Social Networks).

There is huge potential in the future to expand the company further
Ø Increase the number of Website Advertising companies
Ø Increase the number of individual VIP's clients from other countries
Ø Optimised website in new countries and promote safe tourism in Cyprus (lowest rates of Covid-19 in the whole of Europe)
Ø More contracts with Tour Operators whose clients interesting in gambling tourism
Ø Optimise website to gambling tourism (Casino tourism)                                                                                                                 Ø New Registered in Cyprus company could be open under the new owner name.

Although you do not need to have experience of running any of these types of businesses and would not necessarily need to fully hand, it will require someone with passion and drive to keep this much-loved company evolving and continuing to act in the best interests of the community and possibly other communities depending on your aspirations for expansion.

Finally, the reason for selling
Ø Just not enough time to run several businesses. Something must go.

Finance and Documentation
More information and further financials to be discussed by private communication once your interest in the business has been verified as genuine. Instalments payments are available if necessary, with post-dated cheques and a Bank guarantee. A deposit of 30 to 50% will be required to secure this purchase. No time wasters, please.
The price quoted is for a quick sale. P&L statements for 2016-2019 are available at your request.

The beginning of the season in Cyprus started on 1 April 2021. Entry to the country permitted without any quarantine requirements and only Covid-19 test valid for 72 hours required upon arrival.

There is a cash flow 365 days a year!!!

Interested? Get in touch directly on or visit or WhatsApp on (+357) 99799399



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