Online Dating Agency Website with LiveChat and Members FOR SALE  49.999 euro Only 

Did you ever ask yourself what Business is good in the era of lockdown and where to invest and earn a good ROI (Return on Investment)? The answer is -Online. Check the first 30 most-richest people around the World and you will see that 99% of those billionaires are earning money Online. Amazon Number 1 and Bill Gates with Microsoft N3, FB N 4 and etc.
Here is the specification of the Dating App for Sale
Here we offering to you to invest in the Online Business industry which grew by 3 billion in the year 2020 due to a lockdown. The website is suitable for any gender including Male, Female, Guy, Lesbians, Transsexual, and Couples.
The website has an amazing high-tech feature of a Video-chat. Video-chat (One of the new generation technology where one member can see and talk to the other member Live on Video-cameras)

All clients can create a free profile automatically but with extremely limited functionalities.
Admin panel can regulate and release Special offer by email and Announcements.
The Payable profiles have many different features comparing to the Free Membership.
Paypal and Getaway Payment Visa, Master cards payments already incorporated and will be swapped to the new owner during the purchase process.

The website generates income from:

1. Weekly, Monthly, Annual and Lifetime Premium Membership.
2. Buy a Credit system where members spend money on many different Dating tools.
3. Video Cameras Chat cost per minute for any member
4. Audio Chat cost per minute for any member
5. 3rd parties advertising

What included in the price:
1. Fully functioning Dating website with valid Lifetime licence dated 7 February 2019 2. Existing members
3. Dating Licence allows operates in full compliance with the International Marriage Broker Law (IMBRA certification)
4. All legal documentation (Terms and Conditions, FAQ, Privacy Policy set according to GDPR rules, How it works, About us, Help and Support emails) incorporated into the Website for your convenience
5. Dating Site officially registered and licenced by Google
6. LCIA licenced and GDPR approved
7. Premium Subscription packages
8. Buy Credit Option to double income from the Website
9. Premium Dating Domain with over 176 million search results on Google
10. Discrete ownership
11. SSL certification
12. SEO Optimised on site
13. Multi-Language Bar with 10 languages
14. Online Payment by PayPal and one Gateway like Stripe
15. Incorporated Live-Chat for Members
16. Incorporated Audio Chat for Members
17. Incorporated Video Cameras Chat for Members
18. New admin panel for the new owner with all facilities where the new owner can regulate and change Membership, Cost of credits and amount of Credits, View members, check content and pictures, View the source members coming from, See income and members who paid, Interact and connect to all members, Send them Email Notifications, Special offer, Announcement, change Setting for Text, Video and Audio Chatting and many more vital functions.
19. Affiliate Program with Social sharing incorporated for each member (Marketing tools)                                                  20. Premium Dating Domain name


What's your Return on Investment and Projective income based on?

  1. 250 Premium Members- income around 12.000 euro/monthly
  2. 500 Premium Members- income around 25.000 euro/monthly
  3. 1000 Premium Members-income around 50.000 euro/monthly
  4. 10.000 Premium Members-income around 500.000 euro/monthly
  5. 20.000 Premium Members-income around 1,000.000 euro/monthly

    For full specification, please refer to website features:
    Ø Livechat by Text between the members
    Ø Audio Chat for members
    Ø Video Cameras Chat for members                                                                                                                                         Ø Forbidden words communication blocker                                                                                                                             Ø Email notification to any Members when other Member view, Like or Send a Text
    Ø Simplified User Interface
    Ø Search and filter directory
    Ø Search by interest and countries
    Ø Micro-interactions
    Ø Gifts from Member to Member
    Ø Allow members to upload images, video
    Ø Payment Methods
    Ø Multi-Language
    Ø Paid Memberships Pro
    Ø Google Fonts
    Ø Responsive design
    Ø Customizable 404 page
    Ø Maintenance mode
    Ø Unlimited Sidebars
    Ø Compliance with the International Marriage Broker Law (IMBRA certification)
    Ø LCIA Licenced
    Ø GDPR Compliant
    Ø Google Registered and approved
    Ø SEO onsite incorporated
    Ø Database of existing users
    Ø Bang/delete profiles
    Ø Matching profiles

Extra Features:
App on Android and/or iOS will triple your income
Monthly Website Maintenance
SEO Optimised in the country of your choice
Customised Admin panel for a new user
Blogs Posts Like                                                                                                                                                                Social Network Promotion                                                                                                                                                 Traffic to the Site
Speed & optimization

Ø Usual price between 95.000 -120.000 euro.
Ø Special offer of 49,999 euro with 250 Members or 59,999 with 500 members.
Ø 4 months Payment plan available if you cant afford to pay all in once (interest rates of 15% APR will be added).


Ø  #Deposit of 40% will be required to secure the purchase and to have access to the Admin panel

Ø  #Further 40% will be required at the time of swapping all API to the new owner’s name

Ø  #Outstanding 20% will be required at the time when Site will be transferred to the new owner Hosting

The new owner doesn’t need to know much about the websites or Online Industry as everything is set for the new owner already. No knowledge is necessary! Simple training through the video tutorial will be provided to explain how the website works.

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