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When the deal is too good they say, think twice and this is what fuelled a team of journalists to go undercover and unmask the con-stars who had carefully crafted a new way to dupe genuine investors looking for genuine investment opportunities, as they grew there money laundry business behind the curtains. In disguise, the Three Investment Ltd, company located at 125, St. George's Road, St. Julians, Malta helps works with investors to find them the perfect investment opportunity.


So, this is how Three Investment Company operates. In this case, Mr ROBERT STEINMETZ, who is supposedly a financial & international real estate investment consultant from Three Investment company (VAT: MT 22381908 Reg. Company number C69882) established contact with a client by enquiring about a commercial project that his 'client; an investor' would be interested in.

Mr ROBERT fully discusses with the broker or seller of the commercial property and picks an investment option that meets "his client's" need, negotiates and everything is set to close the deal. To complete the process, the broker or seller is asked to travel to Paris to meet the investor in person. Other meeting locations they will suggest are Amsterdam or Brussels.

When the broker/ seller arrives in Paris and instead of meeting the investor in person, they meet Mr Alexander Borg- a financial consultant and representative with Three Investment Company. The reason given for the investor not showing up is that they were not able to fly to Paris because they had a kidney transplant scheduled in a few weeks. Things seem pretty in place and though it’s sad the business has to go on.

Where things start looking a bit off and red flags start popping up is, when Mr Alexender quickly explains that the commission the Three Investment Company would get from the investor should be added to the asking price (not totally absurd) and in addition, the broker/seller will be the ONE to receive the Three Investment Company commission in CASH and in Paris (why not have it paid directly to the company? Now, this raises eyebrows). As if that is not suspicious enough, the full amount of Three Investment commission must be given in CASH/BITCOIN/GOLD in Cyprus to one of the Three Investment company members or representative as soon as the Broker/seller receives this cash in Paris. At this point, no purchase will take place and Three Investment Company is not an investment company as it purports to be, but instead, it is an online money-laundering group operating in various European cities.


We would recommend anyone approached by the Three Investment company representatives, to report to the nearest Police station or the Interpol department


Find the list of the people who work in Three Investment company from Malta and who you should be aware of here:


We would also like to hear from you if you have been affected by the Three Investment scam. Please write your story to be published directly to us on



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