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Always dreaming to live in Europe and own European passport? Or maybe become an owner of the European Property or a Hotel with good Return on Investment?

But you never had an opportunity or enough funds to cover the whole cost of the project?

Now! it became possible with “Joint venture investment program” and we can help you to achieve both: European passport and find suitable Property Project.

Let us tell you how it works

Here are the couple of samples where hotel worth of €10 million.

In order to obtain a citizenship in Cyprus all you have to do its to spend 2.5 million euro! Meaning, for 10-million-euro worth of Property, it could be 2 to 5 investors maximum.  


Ø  Lets look into a first option with just 2 investors 


Presume, you ask your friend or family members to join the venture and share the purchase amount of 10 million between you two. Each of you will pay 5 million towards the cost of the Hotel, plus, you both will have to buy one Residential Property each, worth at least 500.000. Alternatively, both of you can purchase a different number of shares equals to the amount of the money you are planning to invest.

Ø  And here is the Second Option with 5 investors


Each of the potential five investors will contribute 2 million towards the cost of the Hotel. Plus, each investor must buy one Residential Property for their own use worth at least 500.000.


And you probably wondering how long the whole process will take? Here is a good news! Only 6 to 12 months and you will receive EU passport and become proud European citizen!

To find out more or to fill in request form please visit this page:

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