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In Europe, London will have two new hotels in the fall: The Mayfair Townhouse, in Mayfair, along with The Mitre Hampton Court. In Madrid, the Mandarin Oriental Ritz is set to make splashy debut in early 2021.
The list goes on and includes One&Only Desaru Coast in Malaysia, Angama Safari Camp in Kenya's Maasai Mara and The Oval Hotel in Adelaide, Australia, on the grounds of the city's Oval stadium.
Most of the properties making their debut in the coming months had their original opening dates pushed later because of the pandemic, but even in a battered economy, they didn't abandon their plans to go forward.
River House at Odette's was due to open early this summer instead of September. Ron Gorodesky, the developer and managing director, said that the hotel was under construction when Covid-19 hit and forced the project to a temporary stop. "We're only delayed by a few months but have seen a huge financial loss," he says. "We had 40 weddings scheduled this year, and most have gotten moved to next year while a handful were canceled."
But Gorodesky never thought not to open. "New Hope is a great destination year-round with an incredible arts scene and restaurants," he says. "I believe in the drive market potential."
Opening a high-end hotel, something there is a dearth of in New Hope, is also an incentive to stay committed to River House, according to Gorodesky. The 36-room property has a contemporary design, Prohibition style rooftop club and a piano lounge featuring live music.
The Mayfair Townhouse in London is also delayed by a few months while The Mitre Hampton Court is actually on track to open in September as planned.
Sorcher says that these delays are minor in the bigger picture and par for the course even in ordinary circumstances. "Openings get pushed all time. It's almost expected," he says.
Overall, experts say, the hotel industry will bounce back, although it's hard to know when.
"In all likelihood, there is going to be a remedy for coronavirus which means the industry will recover," says Sears of Tourism Economics. "It's a question of timing, but in the meantime, hotels will continue to open."

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