Luxury Hotels Magazines!
We are happy to announce Publishing of Luxury Hotels Magazines Europe in March-April 2022! Book your place now. We will publish only 20 most Luxury and most exquisite Hotels in Europe! Be one of them!

Good news for all of us- we will be publishing Online version of "Luxury EUROPEAN Hotels" Magazine in November 2020. For those who still doesn’t know us- Here is the list of previous versions:

Cost ONLY €750 euro per page and the promotion will bring the following benefits to your Business:

1. Magazine will be promoted to 86 countries Media (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers), Bloggers and Journalists. Thats a huge exposure of your Business to over 500,000 Media Sources

2. Astonishing 20,000 monthly Readers on 7 digital platforms in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Asia. Sample of European platform:

3. Magazine will be promoted to 50 million users on 10 Social Networks including Wikipedia, Messenger, WhatsApp Business, FB, Instagram, QQ (China), Blogger, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

4. Over 100 the most Luxury Hotels will participate in the Magazine from all around Europe!

Deadline: PDF Ads submission by 30 October 2020!

For bookings Email or call +357 99799399

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