Hotels owners, are you tired of the long queue for check-in & check-out? Bad feedback on the TripAdvisor? Too much Reception staff or general staff and your labour cost are too high?

Introducing you to the Hotels App available on iOS & Android platform which will allow your Hotel guests control their stay at the Hotel from their mobile!!! Book the rooms, check-in & check-out, pay the bills, Book the dinner at the Hotel restaurants, Reserve the Spa, request the room service, check the latest weather reports or even tour outside of the Hotel. And do you know why App's are much better than your existing website?

  • Your Hotel App will be available without internet everywhere & even during the flight.
  • Play Stores on iOS &Android are already optimised for Hotel users and will be visible without extra effort or extra money.
  • There are 95% of Mobile users & only 5% PC.
  • Your guests can control their own stay at the Hotel from the touch of the phone.
  • Save on labour cost and get rid of the queue's for check-in & check-out!!!

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