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Dionysus Mansion Gourmet Restaurant

Dionysus Mansion is a Fun & Gourmet Restaurant that specialises in Cypriot & Greek Cuisine with a modern twist!
**Lunch ~ Dinner ~ Events**
f you love fine food, having fun and a fantastic atmosphere, get ready...after months of preparation construction has finally started on a brand new Cypriot/Greek restaurant. Soon to open in the centre of Limassol where the old Anotera Tavern used to be, this historical building is to be renovated and re-launched as 'Dionysus Mansion'. The first of a series of projects from the newly created 'Fun & Gourmet' company, this place will honour Cypriot cuisine, but in a different one-of-a-kind way.
It's proprietors are already well-known on the island: Yiannis Antoniades, founder and owner of the famous Guaba Beach Bar in Limassol and an expert on nightlife, musical events and bringing together communities; and George Zacharoglou, previously restaurants manager at the luxurious Le Meridien Hotel, who brings under his belt first-class experience in the restaurant industry. With renown chef Dimitris Haidemenos in the kitchen, preparing separate menus for lunch and dinner, this exciting new restaurant, which will open its doors in 2016, is bound to be the hot-spot for quality dining at affordable prices.
The owners share a love of good food and wine, as well as traveling around the world, which is what led them to decide to open such a game-changing establishment in the Cyprus food scene. The ultimate goal: to make people happy while building a reputation as a model establishment for modern Cypriot cuisine.
How to do this? Create a place where locals can be proud of Cypriot/Greek food, but experience it at a new level. The entire concept of 'Fun & Gourmet' is built on the idea that a meal can be indulgent and enjoyable - both fashionable and fun! In times of financial crises, people want to go out and relax, forget their worries, treat themselves to something special and have a good night out - without digging too deep in their pockets.
When you think of the word "fun", you think of enjoyment, a pleasurable distraction, and this is definitely going to be a theme in all the projects launched by 'Fun & Gourmet' - but "gourmet" is a word more often misunderstood. Rather than mean expensive food, it stands for refined taste in food and drink. Whether you are a food connoisseurs (gourmand) with a passion and selective taste for the culinary arts, or simply passionate about eating good food, you're bound to appreciate the unique side of this restaurant: that it combines both casual fun and refined gastronomy into one memorable experience.
After so much thought put into the concept of this restaurant, we were careful to select the ideal location for it, a setting that will honour and live up to its name. Since the huge building we chose is impressive and full of character and history, standing out in Limassol as one of few of its kind, it seemed the natural home for 'Dionysus Mansion'.
We chose the name Dionysus because he was the God of the Vine, Grape Harvest & Winemaking, and the idea of the restaurant was inspired by wine, fun and theatre/enjoyment.
The perfect setting is not all; even more important is the fresh, delicious local food which will be offered all day long. On an island where Fast Food franchises, Chinese take-outs and sushi spots have almost dominated the restaurant scene in recent years, there seems to be a lack of quality local cuisine. The aim of 'Dionysus Mansion' is to use local ingredients as much as possible and support local producers and farmers, while allowing our national cuisine to evolve. It's going to be all about making Cypriot food fashionable in the 21st century. A chance to enjoy eating reasonably-priced gourmet food while having fun!


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