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                PRIVATE DINING

HIDE offers multiple private dining spaces.

The Broken Room, The Shadow Room & The Reading Room are all located in subterranean vaults in The Bar Below. The rooms serve dishes from the main HIDE menu & are perfect for smaller gatherings. 

The Hide & Seek Rooms on the first floor offer a private dining experience individually for ten guests, or combined for up to 20 guests, serving menus from the Above at HIDE kitchen. 


Above at HIDE offers diners tranquil views over Green Park and a light-filled
dining room. The food is light, elegant & pure.

Enjoy a beautifully prepared a la carte or tasting menu, with matching wine flights.
It is layers of attention to detail, skill and care that elevates the good into great
and the great into the sublime.

There is no compromise, there is no rush. True hedonists linger Above. 


HIDE is the hearth of the restaurant, providing nourishment & comfort. 
Shelter from the bustling world outside & let us look after you. 

Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner, a sizeable a la carte menu
showcases the very best seasonal offerings, largely sourced from a close network
of small farmers & suppliers from across the UK.

Everything is made in-house wherever possible: from charcuterie & bread to jams,
juices and pickles. 

Attentive but informal, simple but sophisticated.


The Bar Below is the basement bar, where diners and drinkers alike can enjoy a classic cocktail or contemporary creation.

It offers an impressive list of the world’s finest and rarest spirits: all available for you to taste.

The focus of the cocktails at HIDE is flavour. Whether the main flavour is a spirit, fruit or a vegetable, our aim is to present it in the very best way we can, using both modern and classic techniques. There is a lean towards lighter and fresher flavours, but there is always something on the menu for our guests who prefer a stiffer drink.

The menu changes seasonally so we can always use our favourite ingredients when they taste their best. Further to our house selection of cocktails, all the classics are available, some of them with our own curious twist. Try one of our Dry Martinis —  stirred with frozen birch sap instead of ice to give it a silky mouthfeel and a luxurious, soft finish.

We also have an excellent selection of spirits from all over the world.

There is a wide selection of both familiar and more exotic expressions like Macallan 25YO Anniversary Malt 1971, The Cask of Yamazaki 29YO in Mizunara Oak 1979 and Cambridge Distillery Truffle Gin.

We hope that even the most curious drinkers will find something to suit their mood.

Below also houses three different private dining rooms: The Broken Room, The Shadow Room & The Reading Room.

For more information and Reservation please visit our website https://hide.co.uk/


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